Talangen Maya
A rewarding feeling!

Drömjobbet på Massive


After graduating high school, I decided to take a break and gain some work experience before starting to study again. I first got registered at Boost By FC Rosengård to help me find a job. In all honesty, I was quite picky with what job I was willing to accept. Boost took initiative and sent my CV to Good Malmö and it all snowballed from there.

I was contacted very early on regarding a position that was thought to be fit for me; CEO executive assistant. A whole bunch of us candidates were then interviewed in groups at Good Malmö so they could narrow it down for the employer. And after passing that, many many interviews with the employer followed. I finally got a call two months later saying that I was the best candidate and they would like me for the job.

Looking back at the whole process, it was definitely stressful and even frustrating at times, but I had the comfort of Sara at Good Malmö that was always available for me to call if I needed anything (she got more calls from me than I’d like to admit) and was there to reassure me and guide me after each interview. Four months after the first call with Good Malmö, I’m sat in my own office at Massive Entertainment – one of the biggest companies in Skåne – writing this paragraph.

I have been extremely privileged to have gotten this job that is in turn rewarding to me as a person and a step further in the right direction. I like to believe that a large part of where I am today would not have been possible if it wasn’t for Good Malmö.